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I was born and raised in an extremely close knit family in East Meadow, a small suburb in Nassau County on Long Island, New York.  My parents are James & Lisa Laird and I have 2 older sisters, Jamie & Jessica, all of whom have helped pave the way for me to be the person/athlete that I am today. 

     Being the youngest of 3 girls has always somehow worked in my favor and you will never ever hear me complain about it one bit.  It is because of all their help, as well as my competitive nature and extreme love for the game of softball, that I wound up where I am today….  SEC FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR 2021.       I have always believed that as long as I Trust the Process and the many people that have believed in me along the way that I would wind up exactly where I am supposed to be;  and I truly feel in my heart that I have.

Fun Facts About Me
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When I was five years old, on my very first day of T-ball I was so nervous that I cried my eyes out and would not let go of my father's leg until my coach threw a ball to me and my first instinct was to catch it.  I have not stopped playing the game since that day and probably never will. 

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Not everyone that I know has heard of this place but my most recent favorite fast-food restaurant is Raising Canes Chicken,  With Chick-Fil-A coming in for an extremely close 2nd Place.

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In June of 2018 when I was just a sophomore in East Meadow HS, I was awarded 2 trophies at our end of the season county award dinner, one for "Nassau County Player of the Year" and one for "Championship 

Game MVP". 


Some  people think this is unusual but my favorite color is grey.

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Not many people know this, but before I committed to play softball at Mizzou which is 1004 miles away from where i was born and raised, I was originally verbally committed to play softball at Hofstra University which is only about 1 mile away from my home on Long Island, NY.  

I am such an unbelievably huge sneaker freak that I would buy a new pair every week if I could, and my favorite sneaker brand is Nike.

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